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AFES-PRESS Book Aid Project

on volume IV

Launch of the Book Aid Project
Sponsors and Recipients

The goal of this book aid project is to send copies of this international and multidisciplinary reference book on challenges of the 21st century as a gift to university libraries and to major research institutes in Third World countries that cannot afford this book but that have a great demand for it.

This book aid project will be implemented by Peace Research and European Security Studies (AFES-PRESS), a non-profit and tax-exempt international scientific society under German law.

Patron: Dr. rer.nat. Rolf Linkohr, former Member of European Parliament (1979-2004), founding president of the Centre for European Energy Strategy (CERES), Brussels


Vol 4


Hans Günter Brauch, Úrsula Oswald Spring, John Grin, Czeslaw Mesjasz, Patricia Kameri-Mbote, Navnita Chadha Behera, Béchir Chourou, Heinz Krummenacher (Eds.): Facing Global Environmental Change: Environmental, Human, Energy, Food, Health and Water Security Concepts . Hexagon Series on Human and Environmental Security and Peace, vol. 4 ( Berlin – Heidelberg – New York: Springer-Verlag, 2009).

ISBN: 978-3-540-68487-9 (Print)
ISBN: 978-3-540-68488-6 (Online

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R. K. Pachauri

Director General, TERI, New Delhi

Chairman, IPCC

Peace Nobel Laureate, 2007

This book serves an extremely useful purpose, because it covers several critical elements of climate change and the challenges that are thrown up by consideration of the impacts of climate change and security issues related to it. Such a volume is not only highly readable for a very wide audience, but also contains valuable information and research based analysis that would provide a valuable reservoir of knowledge to researchers and students working in this field.


Achim Steiner

UN Under-Secretary General and
Executive Director,

UN Environment Programme (UNEP)

So I welcome this Security Handbook for the Anthropecene Facing Global Environmental Change : Environmental, Human, Energy, Food, Health and Water Security Concepts and its 100 peer-reviewed chapters as an eye-opener to both the challenges but also the opportunities of our age. I hope that private foundations and donors can ensure that its important ideas, debates and essential reading find their way equally onto the library book shelves of the South as well as the nations of the North.


Ambassador Prof. Dr. Joy Ogwu

Permanent Repre-sentative of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to the United Nations
New York, NY

This book deserves many readers in all parts of the world, but especially in those countries where university and research libraries are unable to afford such references books. It is my sincere hope that this high-quality and multidisciplinary study and reference book and its key messages will be made available with the support of private foundations and public donors to the young generation in the global South that will face these challenges to their security in the 21 st century. I wish the book-aid project success for the benefit of university libraries and research institutes and their readers in Africa, Asia and Latin America.


Stavros Dimas

Commissioner for the Environment of the European Union

Since 2004

The title of this volume – Facing Global Environmental Change : Environmental, Human, Energy, Food, Health and Water Security Concepts – sums up many of the dilemmas and challenges facing policy-makers today. ….

“Since the end of the Cold War, the security debate has changed fundamentally. A study which addresses the new challenges and suggests responses will therefore be a welcome addition to the policy-maker’s toolkit. For this reason, I warmly welcome this volume.


The book aid project was made possible by grants and subsidies by :

  • German Federal Ministry for Education and Research: 75 Books (2010)

Recipients of the book aid project

Book gifts were sent to university libraries in Third World countries and not to individual scholars or dignitaries to guarantee a maximum access to readers around the world especially in countries that could hardly afford such a reference book

The first 75 copies of volume IV sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research were sent as gifts to the following national and university libraries in the following continents (Please click for the addresses of recipients):


Transfer of the first three book gifts

Donated by Major General (retd) Joseph Singh, Guyana, a contributing author of this volume, to His Excellency Bharrat Jagdeo, President of the Republic of Guyana and to the Public Free Library and to the University of Guyana Library

His Excellency Bharrat Jagdeo, President of the Republic of Guyana, scanning through the book: “Facing Global Environmental Change”, which was handed over to him by Major General (retd) Joseph Singh on September 29, 2009 at the Office of the President, Georgetown, Guyana.


On 2 October 2009 Major General (retd) Joseph Singh handed over two book gifts to Mrs. Merle James, Librarian of the Carnegie Public Free Library, and to Mrs. Gwyneth George, Librarian of the University of Guyana Library.

Inquiries of potential sponsors should be sent to :

PD Dr. Hans Günter Brauch, AFES-PRESS, Alte Bergsteige 47, 74821 Mosbach, Germany

TEL 49-6261-12912 , FAX 49-6261-15695
Email :

Donations should be sent to: AFES-PRESS, Special Account Book Aid
For the bank details please contact AFES-PRESS at: