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AFES-PRESS-Books Copyright Notice

This copyright notice applies to the contents of all pages on this website created and managed by AFES-PRESS. You may freely download or cite text and data presented by AFES-PRESS on the web. Any reproduction - in any medium, electronic or printed - of text or data presented by AFES-PRESS, requires permission. No part of this website may be reproduced on any other website in total or in part without permission. Permission may be granted provided that:

  • A request for permission is submitted to AFES-PRESS.

  • Attribution to AFES-PRESS in a source credit-line is given, including the phrase "Information from AFES-PRESS-Books, A virtual library,". This applies to both citations and reproduction.

If text or data will be used for commercial purposes the parties will negotiate a royalty for such commercial purposes before a permission is granted. Electronic search engines may refer to and store references to all websites without prior permission.

Editorial Responsibility

Responsible according to the German Mediendienstestaatsvertrag

On behalf of AFES-PRESS the person solely responsible according to the German Mediendienstestaatsvertrages (§ 6 para. 2) for the two websites and is:

Dr. Hans Günter Brauch
Alte Bergsteige 47
D-74821 Mosbach
Phone 49-6261-12912
FAX 49-6261-15695
E-Mail: und

Legal Liability

In a verdict of 12 May 1998, the Hamburg Regional Court (Landgericht) ruled that a website owner may be liable for the content of any linked third-party web pages. The Court held that only by explicitly dissociating a website from the linked site's content can the owner avoid such liability. AFES-PRESS herewith explicitly states that it had no influence on the design and content of the linked websites, and it also dissociates itself from the content of all linked websites. The inclusion of a link to a third-party website does not imply any endorsement of its content. Thus, AFES-PRESS avoids and rejects any potential future compensation claim.