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Vol 6

Hanny Hilmi: Decolonization, Sovereignty, and Peacekeeping - The United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF), 1956–1967 (Cham: Springer Nature Switzerland, 2020).

ISBN: (Hardcover): 978-3-030-57623-3
ISBN: (Softcover):
ISBN: (MyCopy): 978-3-030-57625-7

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This book analyses three major themes: decolonization, sovereignty, and peacekeeping. Their interaction during the national liberation struggle during the Cold War, culminating in the 1956 Suez War, addresses the principle of national sovereignty after World War II in the framework of the UN Charter. The new peacekeeping operations were used in many conflicts, during which the Charter’s theory and application were tested. The rise of the USA as the key Western power and Israel’s special role in the Middle East have created a new confrontational dynamic for the entire region. The interaction between the book’s main themes in the field has led to the principles of peacekeeping in international and national conflicts being reviewed in light of the discredited ‘Capstone Doctrine’. The author argues that state sovereignty is sacrosanct, but humanitarian interventions are equally imperative in his view. Striking the right balance is crucial for managing conflicts. The author:

  • offers a well-informed historical account and an authoritative political analysis
  • was exposed to UNEF deployments and termination and knows key peacekeeping actors
  • draws on original documents, memoirs, and interviews
  • includes unpublished photos and previously unavailable documentary material
  • has experience in government and academia

Keywords: Sovereignty, UN Peacekeeping Operations, United Nations Emergency Force, International Conflict Management, International Humanitarian Law, UNEF operations interventions and sovereignty, Suez conflict, UN and state sovereignty, UN and conflict resolution

Author’s affiliations

Hanny Hilmy, Centre For Global StudiesUniversity of Victoria, Victoria, Canada

About the authors

Hanny Hilmy (Egypt/Canada) completed his undergraduate work in Cairo. He obtained a Master’s degree in International Relations at the University of Pennsylvania in the USA, and a Master’s Degree in Economics at the University of Ottawa, Canada. His Interdisciplinary Ph.D. degree in History, Political Science, and International Law was completed at the University of Victoria in Canada. Hanny Hilmy was born in Cairo, Egypt. He is married to Marjukka Hilmy (née Valimaa), born in Helsinki, Finland. He is the father of Nadine and Nora, both born in Ottawa, Canada. Currently, he lives with his wife in Victoria, British Columbia in Canada. Dr. Hilmy worked for the Egyptian Government and for the League of Arab States at home and abroad where he was a senior advisor for political and legal matters. He attended many of the sessions of the UN General Assembly in New York. He also worked as a Visiting Research Fellow at the International Peace Research Institute in Oslo, Norway, and the School of International Studies, New Delhi, India. He also became an Associate Fellow at the International Peace Academy in New York, USA, and participated in the Academy’s Conference in Helsinki, Finland. Dr. Hilmy was also a member of the United Nations Association in Canada, and the Society for International Development in Rome, Italy. Dr. Hilmy taught courses on the Arab-Israeli Conflict, Political Islam, Nationalism, International Relations, Peacekeeping, and International Law. He attended numerous national and international conferences and seminars in Canada and abroad. His research interests also include Democratic Governance, Foreign Aid, and Frontier Development. Currently, Dr. Hilmy is an Associate Fellow at the Centre for Global Studies, and Coordinator of the Middle East Discussion Group, both at the University of Victoria in Canada.