The Anthropocene
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The Anthropocene
Politik – Economics – Society – Science (APESS)

Edited by
Hans Günter Brauch,

AFES-PRESS, chairman
Free University of Berlin (Ret.)

A Peer Reviewed Book Series

ISSN: (Print)

Vol 31

Zerrin Savaşan, Vakur Sümer (Eds.): Environmental Law and Policies in Turkey (Cham-Heidelberg - New York - Dordrecht - London: Springer- Springer International Publishing, 2020).

ISBN: 978-3-030-36482-3 (Softcover)
ISBN: 978-3-030-36483-0 (EBook)
Doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-36483-0 (add chapter no.)

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This book aims to provide a general systematic analysis of key issues of Turkish environmental law and policies and to highlight the related concerns and challenges. Its chapters provide a historical perspective and general understanding of the legal settings of Turkish Environmental Law; offer an overall understanding of the evolving and prevailing paradigms of legislation and administrative practices in environmental policy in Turkey; explain how EIA has become the main environmental management tool and instrument of environmental compliance in Turkey; discuss the project process, challenges and results of the EU-funded project ‘Turkey’s Map of Environmental Violations’ and food security in Turkey; and present a picture of environmental justice movements from bottom-up over the establishment and operation of small-scale hydroelectricity power plants.

Thus, with its comprehensive coverage of up-to-date information and findings enabling the reader to understand the topic in full analyses of key themes in Turkish environmental law and policies, addressing, in separate chapters, concepts like environmental justice, food security, environmental compliance, environmental impact assessment (EIA), and environmental cases in Turkey in detail multidisciplinary approach enabling readers to learn about the topic in a holistic manner it aims to be:

  • a valuable source of information about Turkish environmental law and policies
  • an effective tool to support teaching and research on Turkish environmental law and policies
  • an aid to decision-making on Turkish environmental issues
  • an important resource for graduate and postgraduate research students and policymakers working on Turkish environmental law and policies

Given there is no competitive book on the market with similar coverage, it makes a meaningful contribution to Turkish environmental scholarship

Keywords: Environment, Turkey, European Union, Climate Change, Water

Editors’ affiliations

Zerrin Savaşan, FEAS, Department of International Relations, Selçuk University, Konya, Turkey

Vakur Sümer, FEAS, Department of International Relations, Selçuk University. Konya, Turkey