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Michel Combes,
Jean-Marc Montserrat,
Loïc Tribot la Spiere (Eds.):

Transport Aérien:
Les Nouveau Défis

Air Transport -
The New Challenges

With a preface of Loyola de Palacio

(Paris: Publisud, 2002), 238 pp.,
€ 27,20 ISBN: 2-86600-891-x Order No. 102200610

This book on the new challenges for airline transportation includes a preface by Mme Loyola de Palacio, European Commissioner for Transport and Energy and an introduction by Jean-Marc Montserrat (Ernst & Young). The first part addresses those factors to remain or to become a market leader in contributions by Jacques Pavaux, Jean-Cyril Spinetta, Rene Lapautre and Pascal Bordat. In the second part the principle future challenges are discussed in contributions by Philippe Duranthon, Pierre Graff, Stanislav Chappron and Sophie Marx, Francois Lamoureux, Thi Mai Le, Yan Derocles with conclusions by Michel Combes and Loïc Tribot la Spiere.

Michel Combes is General Director of Assystem, Jean-Marc Montserrat is an associate with Ernst & Young while Loïc Tribot la Spiere is a general representative of the Centre d'Etude et de Prospective Strategiques (CEPS).

Pub045; Language: French; Areas: Transportation; Region: European Union