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Pierre Bauby, Alain Beltran,
Boris Berkovski, Thierry Gerber,
Marcel Locquin, Vicente Lopez-Ibor Mayor,
Stephen C. Mills (Eds.):

Énergie et Société -
Symposium international UNESCO

[Energy and Society
International Symposium of UNESCO]

(Paris : Publisud, 1995), 1011 pp.,
€ 64,63 ISBN: 2-86600-712-3 Order No. 102050145

This book is based on a symposium that was organised by the editors under the aegis of UNESCO at its Paris headquarters from 13 to 17 December 1993. The symposium was based on the assumption that energy systems in the 21st century must take into account all aspects of the interaction between energy and society: energy and history, development, land use, technology and economics, environment, labour relationships, political power, education, culture and values besides technical and economic criteria. Five major themes were discussed in one or two working sessions by experts from many disciplines and countries focusing on:

  • Energy and history (chaired by Alain Beltran);
  • ·Energy, technical and economic concerns, development and environment (Pierre Bauby);
  • ·Political and legal aspects of energy (Vicente Lopez-Ibor Mayor);
  • ·Energy, education, culture and values (Boris Berkovski);
  • ·Energy, psychology and public opinion (Stephen C. Mills).

This volume brings together the essence of the contributions of 60 specialists who contributed to the symposium. It is organised in three parts and published both in English and French. The first part places the challenges of energy in their historical and developmental context. The second focuses on energy sectors and policies focusing on the views of countries, regions or specific fields of interest while the third part examines the interactions between energy and society, from the point of view of the social issues and choices of models of development.

Pub040; Language: English/French; Areas: energy, society; Region: global