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José Vidal-Beneyto -
Gérard de Puymège (Eds.):

La Méditerranée: modernité plurielle

[The Mediterranean: plural modernity]

[Das Mittelmeer: vielfältige Modernität]

(Paris: Publisud, 2000), 136 pp.,
€ 29.88ISBN: 2-86600-559-3

This book reflects the work, the debates and analyses of the Mediterranean Programme of UNESCO. After a brief introduction by the editors the book is organised in three parts that address in the first part ecological and cultural issues in the Mediterranean with contributions by Edgar Morin (F), Salah Stétié (Lebanon), Fawzia Zouari (Tunisia), Thierry Fabre (F), Paul Balta (F), Nourredine Abdi (Algeria), Ahmed Mahiou (Algeria) and Nourredine Bacchi (Algeria). In the second part aspects of a sustainable development in the Mediterranean including issues of water and of solar energy are being analysed in chapters by Michel Batisse (F), Boris Berkovski (Russia), Osman Benchikh (Algeria), Houria Tazi Sadeq (Morocco), Atef Hamdy (Egypt), Cosimo Lacirignola (Italy), Giuliana Trisorio-Liuzzi (Italy), Youssef Courbage (F, Lebanon) and Abdelkader Sid Ahmed (F/Algeria). The third part addresses isses of multiculturalism, of human rights and peace in the Mediterranean in chapters by Joseph Maila (F, Lebanon), Abdellatif Felk (Morocco), Roland Minnerath (F), Abdu Filali Ansary (Morocco), Gérard Khoury (Lebanon), Ahmed Bedjaoui (F/Algeria) and Elisabeth Mann-Borghese (Canada).

The book is edited by José Vidal-Beneyto, sociologist and lawyer, professor at the University Complutense, who was the principal adviser to the former director of UNESCO, Federico Mayor and until November 1999 he was responsible for UNESCO's Mediterranean programme. Gérard de Puymège is a distinguished historian and political scientist who has been responsible for UNESCO's Mediterranean programme since November 1999.


Pub008; Language: French; Areas: ecological development, solar energy; Region: Mediterranean