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Bernd W. Kubbig

Nuklearenergie und nukleare Proliferation
Die inneramerikanischen Auseinandersetzungen um die Grundsätze der US-Nonproliferationspolitik 1974-1980

Nuclear Energy and Nuclear ProliferationDomestic
Controversy on Principles of US-Nonproliferation
Policy 1974-1980

International Relations - Theory and History No. 1
Frankfurt on Main: Haag+Herchen 1981, 626 pp.,
ISBN 3-88129-467-8

This book is structured in eight chapters. Chapter 1 discusses the relationship between non-proliferation and peace and foreign policy as a topic of American foreign policy (pp. 1-57), chapter 2 examines the economic aspects of US non-proliferation policy and its intra and international dimensions (pp. 58-100) while chapter 3 reviews in detail the nonproliferation concepts of the Ford and Carter Admini-stration (pp. 101-207), chapter 4 deals with non-proliferation concepts and measures of societal actors (pp.208-222) and chapter 5 assesses the role of the U.S. Congress in the American non-proliferation policy (223-266). The argument is further developed in two case studies with the first dealing with the controversy related to the fast breeder (LMFBR) and the Clinch River Breeder Reactor (CBRD).(pp. 267-342) and the second focusing on the controversy related to the export of enriched uranium to Tarapur (pp. 343-399). In chapter 8 the author assesses the role of the U.S. Congress, the economic relevance of nuclear exports and the relationship between the domestic area and the export sector (pp. 400-431). Finally, in chapter 9 the author discusses the American non-proliferation policy in a multilateral world (pp.432-444).

ibhh04; Language: German; Areas: nuclear energy, nuclear proliferation; Region: United States.