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Kurt-Peter Schütt

Externe Abhängigkeit und periphere Entwicklung
in Lateinamerika
Eine Studie am Beispiel der EntwicklungKolumbiens
von der Kolonialzeit bis 1930

External Dependence and Peripheral Development
in Latin America
A study on the development of Colombia from
the colonial period to 1930

International Relations - Theory and History No. 3

Frankfurt on Main: Haag+Herchen 1980,
305 pp., ISBN 3-88129-176-8

This book is organised in seven chapters. Chapter 1 introduces into the theory of societal development and underdevelopment, chapter 2 develops the external conditions and the implementation of social, economic and political structures in the colonial periphery from the colonial status to an independent republic (1530-1819), chapter 3 reviews the political and socio-economic development conditions in postcolonial Gran Colombia (1819-1830), chapter 4 discusses the disputes between two competing development strategies in Nueva Granada (1830-1854), chapter 5 deals with the structural dependence and the social disintegration (1854-1886), chapter 6 examines the expansion of the export economy and the consolidation of a structural dependent development (1886-1930), and chapter 7 discusses the causes of underdevelopment for the Colombian case.

ibhh03; Language: German; Areas: economic development, development theory; Region: South America, Colombia.