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Chong-Sook Kang

China in Arms
The Arms and Disarmament Policy of the
PR of China from 1969 to the Death of Mao Tse Tung

China in Waffen
Die Rüstungs- und Abrüstungspolitik der
Volksrepublik China von 1969
bis zum Tod Mao Tse-Tungs

International Relations - Theory and History No. 2

Frankfurt on Main: Haag+Herchen 1979,
143 pp., ISBN 3-88129-211-x

The book covers Chinese theories on war, peace and revolution compared with its foreign policy practice, it analyses the relations between party, army and arms industry, it reviews the economic problems of the developing country China and its influence on its arms policy, the new tendencies with regard to the import of weapons and arms industry from the West, and assesses China's conventional and nuclear weapons and launchers as well as its position on disarmament issues.

ibhh02; Language: German; Areas: war, peace, nuclear and conventional weapons, disarmament; Region: China.