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Michael Hofmann

Perus Außenbeziehungen unter der Militärregierung

Peru's external relations during military rule

(Frankfurt on Main: Haag + Herchen, 1978),
German.International Relations - Theory and History No. 1
Frankfurt on Main: Haag+Herchen 1978, 305 pp.,
ISBN 3-88129-176-8

The military in Latin America have been a conservative and repressive force to prevent social change. The Peruvian military which ruled since 1978 appeared to be an exception. Besides domestic reforms, especially in agriculture, the regime challenged the United States. In addition the military government established ties to socialist countries, including Cuba, and became a leader in the Third World. The author shows that the military considered domestic reform and foreign policy as an indispensable precondition for a strategy of industrialisation. He argues that the development model of the military could not overcome the dependence of Peru due to the high foreign debt, the failure of the non-aligned movement to establish raw material cartels like OPEC, the isolation of the country from the other conservative regimes. All these reasons forced the Peruvian military to adopt a strategy of repression against the victims of capitalist development.

ibhh01; Language: German; Areas: economic development, development theory, military; Region: South America, Peru.