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Hans Günter Brauch

Survey of Recent and On-Going Research in
the Social and Human Sciences on Disarmament
(both within the United Nations system and in other relevant scientific research institutions)

(Paris: UNESCO, 1988), 142 pp., brochure.

This survey report is structured in nine chapters. After a brief introduction with the institutional context of the survey, chapter 2 defines the concepts disarmament, arms control, crisis management and confidence building measures, chapter 3 discusses relationships between international relations and disarmament research, chapter 4 examines linkages between armament dynamics and disarmament research, chapter 5 discusses the dual policy goals of security and peace, chapter 6 debates three issues related to disarmament: the environment, development and conversion, chapter 7 reviews connections between nuclear armament and disarmament, chapter 8 analyses the public information on disarmament and chapter 9 outlines gray areas of disarmament research in the late 1980s prior to the global turn.

hgb028; Language: English; Areas: arms control, crisis management, confidence building measures, disarmament, international relations, armaments dynamics, nuclear weapons; Region: Global.