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Hans Günter Brauch (Ed.)

Vertrauensbildende Maßnahmen und
Europäische Abrüstungskonferenz
Analysen, Dokumente und Vorschläge

[Confidence Building Measures and
European Disarmament Conference
Analyses, Documents and Proposals]

Gerlingen: Bleicher, 1986 (out of print)
584pp., ISBN 3-88350-270-7

The book is organised in four parts dealing with: I: conceptual problems (2), II: the historical development of confidence and security building measures in the CSCE framework (3), III: confidence building measures from American and Soviet vantage points (2) and IV with proposals for confidence and security building measures (11) with contributions by P. Berg, J.J. Holst, S. Lodgaard (Oslo, Norway), K.E. Birnbaum, R. Björnerstedt, J. Goldblat, B. Jasani (Stockholm, Sweden); F. Blackaby (UK), H.G. Brauch (Mosbach), W. Bruns (Bonn), W. Schütze (Paris), R. Darilek, J. Dean, F.S. Larrabee, A. Lynch (USA), L.A. Ferraris (Rome, Italy), J. Klein (Paris, France), K. Lohs, K. Meier (Leipzig, GDR), V. Michejew (Moscow, USSR), A.D. Rotfeld (Warsaw, Poland), K. Semlitsch (Vienna, Austria).

hgb019; Language: German; Areas: confidence building measures; European Disarmament Conference; Region: Europe, Germany