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Hans Günter Brauch - Robert Kennedy (Eds.)

Alternative Conventional Defense
Postures in the European Theater
Volume 2: The Impact of Political Change on
Strategy, Technology, and Arms Control

With a Foreword by General Wolfgang Altenburg,
former Chairman of the NATO Military Committee

New York - Bristol, PA - Washington, DC, London:
A member of the Taylor & Francis Group 1992,
300 pp., ISBN 0-8448-1600-0
$ 45.00 - £ 35.00

This book is organised in 4 parts and contains 10 chapters, a chronology of the Political Change in Europe (December 1988-December 1990), biographies of the editors and authors and an index.

After an introduction by both editors Part I on Political Change and the Future European Security System include chapters by Hans Günter Brauch (Mosbach, Germany) on "German Unity, Conventional Disarmament, Confidence-Building Defense, and a New European order of Peace and Security" and by Ambassador Jonathan Dean (Washington, DC, USA) on: "Components of a Post-Cold War Security System for Europe".

Part II on: Military Doctrines and Strategies Reassessed contains 4 chapters by Andrey Afanasyevich Kokoshin and Valentin Venioaminovich Larionov (Moscow, during the Yeltzin presidency for many years Dr. Kokoshin was deputy defence minister) on "Confrontation of Conventional Forces in the Context of Ensuring Strategic Stability", by Bruce W. Menning (USA) on "Redefined Soviet Military Doctrine in Perspective: Military-Political Science, Forecasting, and Offensive-Defensive Paradigms", by Gary L. Guertner (USA, now Garmisch-Partenkirchen) on: "NATO Strategy in a New World Order", and by Horst Afheldt (Munich, Germany) on: "Conflict of Interests, Nuclear Weapons, and Flexible Response: A Critical German View".

Part III deals in two chapters with Technology, Deterrence and Defense with contributions by Peter A. Wilson (Washington, DC, USA) on: "Emerging New Technologies for the Defense of Central Europe and Geostrategic Implications", and by Kosta Tsipis and Mark Anderson (Cambridge, MA, USA) on: "New Technologies and Defense Policy for the European Theater".

Part IV on Arms Control Implications for the Defense of Central Europe includes two Chapters by Ambassador Ludger Buerstedde (German Foreign Ministry) on: "Conventional Arms Control Negotiations in Europe (CFE), March 1989-April 1990: a View from Bonn", and by William F. Burns (Washington, DC, USA) on: "Europe, Arms Control, and American Security".

hgb0017; Language: English; Areas: conventional defence, non-offensive defence, strategy, technology, arms control; Region: Germany, Soviet Union, United States.