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Hans Günter Brauch (Ed.)

Military Technology, Armaments Dynamics
and Disarmament
ABC Weapons, Military use of Nuclear Energy and
of Outer Space and Implications for International Law

With a Foreword by Lord Solly Zuckerman

(London: Macmillan Press - New York: St. Martin's Press)
1989, 630pp., ISBN 0-333-46483-4
£ 65.00

This book is organised in 5 parts and contains 15 chapters by social and natural scientists. Part I on: Military Technology and Theory of Armaments Dynamics contains two chapters by Hans Günter Brauch (Germany) on: "Military Technology - Armaments Dynamics - Strategic Stability: Implications for Arms Control and Disarmament" and by Marek Thee (Norway) on: "Military Technology - A Driving Force behind the Arms Race and an Impediment for Arms Control and Disarmament".

Part II on: Military Technology: the Case of Atomic, Biological and Chemical Weapons includes three chapters by Kosta Tsipis (USA) on: "Third-generation Nuclear Weapons", by Nicholas A. Sims (UK) on "Diplomatic Responses to Changing Assessments of Scientific and Technological Developments to a Disarmament Regime: The Second Review Conference of the 1972 Convention on Biological and Toxin Weapons, Geneva 1986", and by Julian P. Perry Robinson (UK) on: "Supply, Demand and Assimilation in Chemical-warfare Armament".

In part III two chapters deal with: Military Use of Nuclear Energy: The Case of Bombers and Outer Space by Ulrich Albrecht (Germany) who reviews the story of "The Nuclear-propelled Bomber - A Faked Arms Race Between the US and the USSR" while Rip Bulkeley (UK) discusses "Nuclear Power in Space: A Technology Beyond Control?

Part IV on: Military Technology: Ballistic Missile Defence and SDI includes five chapters by Paul Rogers (UK) on "The Transformation of War: The Real Implications of the SDI", by Richard Garwin (USA) on "SDI- A Sceptical Assessment by an American Physicist", by Raold Sagdeev (then in the Soviet Union, now in the USA) on: "Star Wars and Strategic Stability", by Seiitsu Tachibana (Japan) on "SDI: Ten Fundamental Contradictions - The Need For a Real Alternative to the Nuclear Predicament - A View from Nagasaki" and by Hans Günter Brauch (Germany) on: "Strategic Defence Initiative or Strategic Defence Response? An Attempt to Interpret the Emergence of the SDI Programme in Terms of Theorems of Armaments Dynamics".

In Part V the last three chapters deal with the Military Use of Outer Space - Implications for International Law with contributions by P.K. Menon (Barbados) on: "Arms Limitation in Outer Space for Human Survival", by Pál Dunay (Hungary) on "The Military Use of Outer Space: Implications for International Law" and by: Horst Fischer (Germany) on: "The Vienna Convention on the Law of the Treaties and the Interpretation of the ABM Treaty".

The book concludes with a select bibliography on issues related with: Military Technology, Armaments Dynamics and Disarmament and a detailed index. The book is still on the backlist of Macmillan Press and St. Martin's Press that were succeeded by the new imprint: Palgrave.

hgb0015; Language: English; Areas: Military technology, armaments dynamics, disarmament, ABC weapons, military use of nuclear energy, of outer space and implications for international law; Region: Germany, Soviet Union, United States.