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Hans Günter Brauch - Rainer Fischbach

Militärische Nutzung des Weltraums
Eine Bibliographie

[Military Use of Outer Space
A Bibliography]

Series: Militärpolitik und Rüstungsbegrenzung, No. 8
1988, ISBN 3-87061-373-8 (out of print)

This research bibliography offers a comprehensive survey of international publications (primarily in English and German) on the Military Use of Outer Space until end of 1987. The bibliography is organised in 8 chapters. While chapter 1 offers a survey of general titles, yearbooks and encyclopaedias, chapter 2 deals with the scientific foundations for the military use of outer space in the natural sciences, chapter 3 deals with historical aspects, chapter 4 with space systems, chapter 5 with military strategic aspects, chapter 6 with arms control, chapter 7 with the discussion on 'Star Wars' and chapter 8 with economic aspects. The book also includes a register of titles, authors and a list of the journals that have been reviewed for relevant titles.

hgb0014; Language: German; Areas: military use of outer space, arms control, space weapons, space law; Region: Germany, Soviet Union, United States; Series: Militärpolitik und Rüstungsbegrenzung, No. 8.