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Hans Günter Brauch (Ed.)

Star Wars and European Defence
Implications for Europe: Perceptions and Assessments

With a Foreword by Denis Healey and
a preface by Raymond L. Garthoff

London: Macmillan Press -
New York: St. Martin's Press, 1987,
651 pp., ISBN 0-333-46483-4
£ 65.00

This book is organised in 4 parts and contains 16 chapters, four appendices with the text of the ABM Treaty, agreed Statements, Protocols and Agreements of the Standing Consultative Commission, a bibliography and an index. Part I on American and Soviet Space and BMD Programmes include chapters by Col. Simon Peter Warden (USA) on "SDI- a Global Defence Against Ballistic Missiles", by Gary L. Guertner (USA) on: "Offensive Nuclear Forces, Strategic Defence and Arms Control" and by Hans Günter Brauch (Germany) on: "SDI - A Reaction to or a Hedge Against Soviet BMD Projects: Soviet Military Space Activities and European Security".

Part II deals in 6 chapters with European Perceptions of and Reactions to SDI by Trevor Taylor (UK) on: "The British Response", by Alain Carton (France) on: "French Political Reactions to SDI - The Debate on the Nature of Deterrence", by Hans Günter Brauch on: "SDI - The Political Debate in the Federal Republic of Germany", by Robert J. Berloznik (Belgium) on "SDI - A Topic of Transatlantic Consultation and Debate in International Parliamentary Bodies", ad by Alain Carton on: "Eureka - A West European Response to the Technological Challenge Posed by the SDI Research Programme".

Part III offers in three chapters Assessments of the Strategic Consequences of SDI for Europe by Paul B. Stares (UK, USA) on 'Implications of BMD for Britain's Nuclear Deterrent", by Alain Carton on: "The Implications of SDI for French Defence Policy" and by Peter A. Wilson (USA) on: "The Geostrategic Risks of SDI".

Finally, part IV focuses in four chapters on: The ABM Treaty - From SDI to EDI by John B. Rhinelander (USA) on: "The ABM Treaty - Its Evolution, Interpretation and Grey Areas and an Official Attempt at Reinterpretation", by Hans Günter Brauch on: "From SDI to EDU - Elements of a European Defence Architecture", by Thomas K. Longstreth, John E. Pike and John B. Rhinelander (USA) on: "Compliance with the ABM Treaty - Questions Related to Soviet Missile Defence and to the United States SDI" and by John E. Pike on "Closing the Window of Vulnerability".

hgb013; Language: English; Areas: ballistic missile defence, European missile defence, SDI, ABM treaty; Region: Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Soviet Union, United Kingdom, United States.