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Hans Günter Brauch

Angriff aus dem All
Der Rüstungswettlauf im Weltraum

[Attack from Space.
Arms Competition in Outer Space]

Bonn: J.H.W. Dietz (out of print)
Copies may be obtained from AFES-PRESS
1984, 207 pp., ISBN 3-8012-0089-1
€ 13.00 - $ 13.00

The book starts with the speech by US President Ronald Reagan of 23 March 1983 in which he launched the proposal for a space based missile defence system (Strategic Defense Initiative). The book that is addressed to a wider audience then tells the story of the development of ballistic missiles from Peenemünde until the Sputnik shock of 1957, it reviews the military use of outer space by the super powers (1960-1980), discusses the so-called 'space gap', the military doctrines behind the militarisation of outer space, it analyses the ABM, the Outer Space and the Moon treaties as constraints and offers proposals for German initiatives to counter these trends and it offers a selective bibliography for those who want to read more.

hgb011; Language: German; Areas: ballistic missile defence, outer space, weapons, strategy, SDI; Region: United States, Soviet Union, Europe.