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Hans Günter Brauch (Ed.)

Kernwaffen und Rüstungskontrolle
Ein interdisziplinäres Studienbuch

Mit einem Vorwort von Egon Bahr

[Nuclear Weapons and Arms Control
An interdisciplinary study book

With a preface by Egon Bahr]

Opladen: Westdeutscher Verlag (out of print)
1984, 511 pp., ISBN 3-531-11647-9
€ 20.00 - $ 20.00

The book is organised in 7 parts and contains 21 chapters and brief biographies on the authors.

In part I, Günther Mack and Wolfgang Faist (Tübingen: Germany) describe the scientific foundations and effects of nuclear weapons, in part II, Hans Günter Brauch offers a historical account of the nuclear weapons programmes of the US, the USSR and Germany (1938-1950), in part III on Nuclear Potentials and Effects of Nuclear Weapons the German authors Hans Günter Brauch, Philipp Sonntag and Helmut Koch (Germany) deal with the development of nuclear weapons potentials (1945-1982), with aspects of the prevention of nuclear catastrophes and its consequences from a medical perspective. In part IV Gert Krell, Dieter Senghaas (Germany), Colin S. Gray and Keith Payne (USA) and Desmond Ball (Australia) analyse doctrines of nuclear deterrence, while in part V Hans Günter Brauch, Dorota Gierycz (Poland), Michael J. Sullivan III, Robert J. Bresler, Cynthia A. Cannizzo, George Rathjens (USA) and K. Subramanyam (India) discuss nuclear arms control efforts from different perspectives.

In part VI, Friedrich Solms and Gerfried W. Hunold (Germany) analyse the ethical assessments of the Protestant and Catholic Church on issues of nuclear armament and disarmament while in chapter VII two globally renowned physicists offer their assessments and prospects for a policy of arms limitation; the German theoretical physicist and philosopher Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker and the American physicist Bernard R. Feld (USA) who worked in Los Alamos on the development of the first nuclear weapons but who later devoted much time to efforts to contain the threat of nuclear weapons.

hgb010; Language: German; Areas: nuclear weapons, arms control, deterrence strategy; Region: United States, Soviet Union, China, France, Germany, UK.