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Hans Günter Brauch (Ed.)

Sicherheitspolitik am Ende?
Eine Bestandsaufnahme, Perspektiven und neue Ansätze

Vorwort von Ulrich Lang

[Security Policy at a Dead End?
Assessment, Perspectives and New Approaches

Preface by Ulrich Lang]

Gerlingen: Bleicher Verlag (out of print)
1984, 296 pp., ISBN 3-88350-010-0
€ 10.00 - $ 10.00

This book includes 18 chapters that are organised in 5 parts that focus at historical conditions of the security policy of the SPD by Wolfram Wette, Gero von Gersdorff, Erwin Horn and Michael Strübel, on international legal, foreign policy and military conditions by Theodor Schweisfurth, Reimund Seidelmann, Wilhelm Nolte and Hans Günter Brauch, on ethical issues of security policy by Christian Wilhelm and Rainer Eckertz, on domestic and foreign policy challenges for security policy by Hartmut Bebermeyer and Bernd Grass, Joachim Betz and Volker Matthies and by Hermann Scheer, and finally on security policy alternatives and peace perspectives for Europe by Lutz Unterseher, Andreas von Bülow, Karsten Voigt, Rolf Linkohr and Egon Bahr.

The book is available at major German state libraries, by interlibrary loan either from the Württembergische Landesbibliothek in Stuttgart or from the Badische Landesbibliothek in Karlsruhe in Germany. A copy can also be found in the Deutsche Bibliothek in Frankfurt on Main.

hgb009; Language: German; Areas: security policy, missile debate, non-offensive defence; Region: Europe, Germany.