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Hans Günter Brauch - Duncan L. Clarke (Eds.)

Decisionmaking for Arms Limitation
Assessments and Prospects

With a Foreword by Paul C. Warnke, former director,
US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

Cambridge, Mass., USA: Ballinger Publishing Company
1993, 364 pp., ISBN 0-88410-864-3
$ 35.00

This book is organised in 3 parts and contains 13 chapters, biographies of the editors and authors. After an introduction by Hans Günter Brauch (Mosbach, Germany).

Part I on National Decisionmaking for Arms Limitation includes 8 chapters by Duncan L. Clarke (Washington, DC, USA) on: "Integrating Arms Control, Defense, and Foreign Policy in the Executive Branch of the US Government", by Lawrence D. Weiler (Washington, DC, USA) on: "The Role of Nongovernmental Organizations and Academic Institutions in US Decisionmaking for Arms Limitation", by Rose Gottemoeller (Washington, DC, USA) on: "Decisionmaking for Arms Limitation in the Soviet Union", by Jean François Bureau (Paris, France) on: "Decisionmaking for Arms Limitation in France: Past Experiences, Prospects, and Suggestions", by Nicholas A. Sims (London, UK) on "The Arms Control and Disarmament Process in Britain", by Hans Günter Brauch (Mosbach, Germany) on "Arms Control and Disarmament Decisionmaking in the Federal Republic of Germany", by Anders Hellebust (Oslo, Norway): on: "Arms Control Decisionmaking in Norway: Past Experience and Suggestions for Change" and by L.M. Ross and John R. Redick (USA) on: "National Arms Control Mechanism: a Global Survey".

Part II on NATO Arms Limitation Consutlative Processes includes 3 chapters by Stanley R. Sloan (Washington, DC, USA) on: "Arms Control Consultation in NATO", by Richard E. Darilek (Washington, DC, USA) on: "Separate Processes, Converging Interests: MBFR and CBMs" and by Simon Lunn (Brussels, Belgium) on: "Policy Preparation and Consultation within NATO: Decisionmaking for SALT and LRTNF".

Part III on The Public - Conclusion includes 2 chapters by William Epstein (New York, USA) on: "The Role of the Public in the Decisionmaking Process for Arms Limitation" and by Duncan L. Clarke (Washington, DC, USA) on: "Conclusion: Giving Arms Control Greater Salience in Policy Processes".

hgb008; Language: English; Areas: arms control, institutions, decision making; Region: France, Germany, Norway, United States, United Kingdom.