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Hans Günter Brauch:

Perspektiven einer Europäischen Friedensordnung

Mit einen Vorwort von Rolf Linkohr, MdEP

[Perspectives of a European Peace Order

With a Preface Rolf Linkohr, MEP]

Berlin: Berlin Verlag Arno Spitz (out of print)
1983, 94 pp., ISBN 3-87061-267-3

This brief booklet that was written at the request of a Member of the European Parliament analyses the gap between the European movement and the independent peace movement, the role of the European Union as a small European peace order, the challenges for a European security order and the opportunities for realising a pan-European order of peace and security, it develops a longer term perspective for a European peace order that should be based on three pillars: a Europeanisation of security policy, on a move from détente to a security partnership and an interregional co-operation leading to a development partnership, steps towards a European peace order and conclusions on the possible contribution of the European parliament for the creation of a European peace order.

hgb007; Language: German; Areas: European peace order; Region: Europe, Germany.