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Hans Günter Brauch

Die Raketen kommen!
Vom NATO-Doppelbeschluß bis zur Stationierung

[The Missiles are Coming!
From the NATO INF Decision up to Deployment]

Köln: Bund (out of print)
Copies may be obtained only from AFES-PRESS
1983, 360 pp., ISBN 3-7663-0829-7
€ 13.00 - $ 13.00

This book is addressed to a wider audience. In part I it reviews the decision that was taken by the head of states of the US, France, Great Britain and Germany in January 1979 at Guadeloupe for the so-called NATO double decision, the critical reaction within the Social Democratic Party and the diplomatic and political efforts within NATO that resulted in a decision that was passed by the North Atlantic Council on 12 December 1979 to produce and deploy INF missiles while negotiating simultaneously on the removal of Soviet SS-20 missiles. Part II offers strategic and technological background information for this decision, it analyses in detail the missed opportunities for arms control and at the end calls for alternative avenues to avoid a new spiral of the arms race. The appendix includes crucial documents, e.g. the IISS speech by Chancellor Helmut Schmidt (1977) and a chronology of major events that led to NATO's INF decision.

hgb006; Language: German; Areas: arms control, disarmament. nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles, NATO; Region: Germany, German Democratic Republic, United States, Soviet Union.