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Hans Günter Brauch - Alfred Schrempf

Giftgas in der Bundesrepublik
Chemische und biologische Waffen

Mit einem Vorwort von Julian P. Perry Robinson

[Poison Gas in the Federal Republic of Germany
Chemical and Biological Weapons]

With a Preface by Julian P. Perry Robinson

Frankfurt: Fischer Taschenbuchverlag (out of print)
Copies may be obtained only from AFES-PRESS
1982, 320 pp., ISBN 3-596-24243-6
€ 7.00 - $ 7.00

From the perspective of the early 1980s, the British chemical weapons expert reviews chemical warfare plans and their possible effects. The subsequent 10 chapters were written by the political scientist Hans Günter Brauch (Mosbach, Germany) and by the chemist Alfred Schrempf (Munich, Germany who died in 1996 at the age of 41).

Schrempf offers a historical account of the chemical weapons development in Germany, a survey of chemical and biological warfare agents, and deals with tear gas agents used by police forces. Brauch outlines the background of the new debate on a chemical weapons modernisation and replacement of unitary by binary CW agents, he reviews the history between President Nixon's chemical production moratorium up to President Reagan's decision to produce binary CW munitions, assesses the Soviet chemical threat for Central Europe and the international negotiations for a chemical and biological disarmament and he offers proposals for a gradualist strategy for a global outlawing of poisons as means of warfare.

Postscript: Eleven years later, these efforts succeeded with the signing of the Chemical Warfare Convention that requires for a global and controlled destruction of all CW agents. For subsequent articles by Hans Günter Brauch on the events since 1982 up to the present: press here for his comprehensive bibliography and use the search tools of your browser for: 'chemical weapons' or : 'chemical disarmament' and 'chemische Waffen' or 'chemische Abrüstung'.

hgb005; Language: German; Areas: chemical weapons, warfare, disarmament; Region: Germany, United States, Soviet Union.