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Hans Günter Brauch

Der chemische Alptraum
Oder gibt es einen C-Waffen-Krieg in Europa?

[The Chemical Nightmare
Will There be a Chemical War in Europe?]

Bonn: J.H.W. Dietz (out of print)
Copies may be obtained from AFES-PRESS
1982, 176 pp., ISBN 3-8012-0079-5
€ 7.50 - $ 7.50

This book was written for a wider audience. Starting with a faction of a chemical war that starts on the Arabian Peninsula and then spills over to Europe was written as a literary anti-Hackett to challenge his basic assumption of a Soviet surprise attack in Europe.The book reviews the history of gas warfare since World War I, the development of nerve gases in Germany and analyses the environmental impact of the chemical weapons from both world wars in Germany, it points to possible assumed sites for US and Soviet chemical munitions in both German states (prior to unification), the training guidelines for US and Soviet forces for dealing with chemical agents and in reviewing the efforts for chemical disarmament and makes proposals for paralysing the Sarajewo effect.

hgb004; Language: German; Areas: Chemical weapons & warfare; Region: Global, Western Asia, Europe, Germany, Soviet Union, United States.