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Hans Günter Brauch

Entwicklungen und Ergebnisse der
Friedensforschung (1969-1978)
Eine Zwischenbilanz und konkrete Vorschlägefür das zweite Jahrzehnt

[Developments and Results of
Peace Research (1969-1978)
An Interim Assessment and Detailed Proposalsfor the Second Decade]

Frankfurt on Main: Haag + Herchen (on stock)
1979, 362 pp., ISBN 3-88129-220-9
€ 24.00 - $ 24.00

The book reviews the results of the research in the arms control and disarmament policy area during the first decade since Federal President Gustav Heinemann called for a public funding of peace research on the eve of the 30th anniversary of German aggression against Poland on 1 September 1969. The book is a collection of new chapters and of a series of book reviews in the quarterly journal: Neue Politische Literatur and in the weekly: Das Parlament that focus on the development of peace research in the Federal Republic of Germany, on studies of armaments dynamics in the East-West conflict, on studies on arms transfer and underdevelopment, on publications by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute on the concept of practice (praxis) in peace research and on the political relevance of peace research studies on armament dynamics and arms control and it concludes with proposals for a stronger policy orientation of peace research during its second decade. In the appendix it includes bibliographies of publications that resulted from publicly funded peace research projects.

hgb002; Language: German; Areas: peace research, armament policy; Region: Germany, Northern Europe.