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Honoré M. Catudal

Soviet Nuclear Strategy from Stalin to Gorbachev.
A Revolution in Soviet Military and Political Thinking.

With a preface by Ambassador Martin J. Hillenbrand

Military Policy and Arms Limitation No. 6

(Berlin: Berlin-Verlag Arno Spitz, 1988)
332 pp. (out of print)

The book is organised in 14 chapters that deal with the problems of studying Soviet nuclear strategy, the origin of Soviet nuclear strategy, the Soviet nuclear build-up, the Brezhnev legacy: a nuclear balance sheet, the Soviet war fighting strategy, Soviet views on deterrence, Soviet command and control, vulnerability of Soviet C3I, ballistic missile defence, Soviet reactions to star wars, Soviet nuclear weapons policies, Soviet civil defence effort, from nuclear warfighting to arms control and with INF and beyond.

fsu006; Language: English; Areas: nuclear deterrence; Region: Soviet Union