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Hans Günter Brauch,
Antonio Marquina
Abdelwahab Biad (Eds.)

Euro-Mediterranean Partnershipfor the 21st Century

Collection STRADEMED, No. 8

Houndmills: Macmillan; New York: St. Martin's Press
2nd Edition, Houndmills - New York: Palgrave
June 2000, 504 pp, ISBN 0-333-77838-3,
Hardback £55.00

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Euro-Mediterranean Partnership for the Twenty-First Century

Edited by Hans Günter Brauch, Privatdozent at the Free University of Berlin, Chairman of Afes-Press, Antonio Marquina, Professor of International Relations at Complutense University in Madrid and Director of UNISCI and Abdelwahab Biad, Professor, University of Rouen in France with the language assistance of Peter H. Liotta, Professor at the U.S. Naval War College, Newport, RI in the USA

In this book security experts and peace researchers from North Africa, Europe and the US analyse the evolution of the Euro-Mediterranean process between Barcelona (1995) and Stuttgart (1999), and offer proposals for confidence- and partnership-building measures among the twenty-seven countries. The contributors review the Northern debate and Southern perceptions of the four trans-Mediterranean security dialogues of OSCE, NATO, WEU and the EU and, in two case-studies on Bosnia-Herzegovina and Cyprus, they discuss the relevance of this concept for conflict resolution. Finally, they propose short-, medium- and long-term partnership-building measures and projects and a code of conduct for good Euro-Mediterranean relations for the twenty-first century.

CONTENTS: List of Tables - List of Figures - List of Abbreviations - Notes, on the Editors - Notes on the Contributors - Preface and Acknowledgements - PART I: THE CBM CONCEPT REVISITED: WHAT CAN WE LEARN FROM THE CSCE/OSCE EXPERIENCE FOR THE MEDITERRANEAN REGION? - Introduction: Euro-Mediterranean Partnership for the 21st Century; H.G.Brauch, A.Marquina & A.Biad - From Confidence to Partnership Building Measures in Europe and the Mediterranean: Conceptual and Political Efforts Revisited; H.G.Brauch - PART II: CBMs FOR THE MEDITERRANEAN: THE NORTHERN DEBATE - Review of Initiatives on CBMs and CSBMs in the Mediterranean; A.Marquina - The Mediterranean Dimension of the OSCE: Confidence-Building in the Euro-Mediterranean Region; M. Wohlfeld & E.Abela - Confidence Building Measures, Disarmament and Crisis Prevention: A View from the North; J.F.Daguzan - PART III: CBMs FOR THE MEDITERRANEAN: SOUTHERN PERCEPTIONS AND DEBATE - The Debate on CBMs in the Southern Mediterranean; A.Biad - Southern Mediterranean Perceptions of Security Cooperation and the Role of NATO; M.E. Selim - Economic Convergence and 'Catching Up' in the Mediterranean: Diagnosis, Prospects and Limitations of the Barcelona Process and Elements for a Strategy; A.S.Ahmed - Security Partnership and Democratisation: Perception of the Activities of Northern Security Institutions in the South; B.Chourou - PART IV: EXPERIENCE WITH CBMs IN BOSNIA-HERCEGOVINA AND CYPRUS - Confidence Building in Bosnia and Herzegovina: The Role of the OSCE; P.Guillot - Making Dayton Work: NATO, S-FOR, and the Difficult Peace; P.H. Liotta - Cyprus - the Perennial Conflict; H.A.Richter - PART V: OUTLOOK: FROM CONFIDENCE BUILDING MEASURES TO PARTNERSHIP BUILDING PROJECTS FOR THE MEDITERRANEAN IN THE 21ST CENTURY - Short Term Proposals for Partnership Building Measures and Conflict Prevention; A.Marquina - Code of Conduct for Good-neighbourly Relations in the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership; A.Biad - Partnership Building Measures for Long-term Non-military Challenges Affecting North-South Relations; H.G.Brauch - Beyond Stuttgart: Prospects for Confidence and Partnership Building Measures in Euro-Mediterranean Relations for the 21st Century; H.G.Brauch, A.Biad & A.Marquina - Appendix - Bibliography - Index

cst008; Language: English; Areas: dialogues, confidcnce-building measures, Cyprus, Bosnia-Hercegovina; Region: Europe, Mediterranean.