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Gerhard Knies, Gregor Czisch,
Hans Günter Brauch (Eds.):

Regenerativer Strom für Europa durch
Fernübertragung elektrischer Energie

[Renewable Electricity for Europe
by Long- Distance Transmission
of Electrical Energy]

Energy Studies No. 1

AFES-PRESS Report No. 67
1999, 164 pp., 97 figures, 27 tables.,
ISBN 3-926979-71-2
€ 35.00 - $ 40.00 - SFr 68.00

Proceedings of a workshop organised by the Hamburger Climate Fonds (HKF) with support from the Institute for Solar Energy Technology (ISET) at Kassel University on 30 September 1998 in the conference centre of the German Physical Society in Bad Honnef.
During this workshop technical and scientific experts presented what the long-distance transmission of electrical energy could accomplish and what sources of electricity from solar energy, wind and hydropower for Europe it could thus make available from North and Central Africa and from Iceland. It shows the possibility for imported electricity from renewable sources to contribute in sufficient quantity to the base load for about 15 Pf/Kwh and below. It was discussed what national interests the exporting countries may have in mind and what political assistance they might get from the German Government for exporting solar generated electricity for climate reasons.

Editors: Dr. Gerhard Knies, Hamburg Climate Fonds (HKF) e.V. and DESY; Gregor Czisch, Institute for Solar Energy Technology (ISET) e.V., Kassel; PD Dr. Hans Günter Brauch, AFES-PRESS

Authors: Dr. Ing. Peter Voigtländer, Dr. Ing. Matthias Gattinger, Siemens AG, Erlangen; Eymundur Sigurdsson, Landvirkjun, Reykjavik, Island; Prof. Dr. Gerd Tetzlaff, Leipzig University; Dr. Ing. Joachim Nitsch, Hartmut Brösamle, Dr. Franz Trieb, DLR, Stuttgart; Dr rer. nat. Gerhard Knies, DESY; Prof. Dr. Abdelaziz Bennouna, Centre National de Coordination et de Planification de la Recherche Scientifique et Technique, Rabat, Morocco; Dipl. Wirtsch. Ing. Frithjof Staiß, Research Centre for Solar and Hydrogen Research, Stuttgart; Dr. Ing. Michael Häusler, ABB Calor Emag, Mannheim; Dipl. Ing. Karl-Werner Kanngießer, retired, worked for ABB (BBC), Mannheim; Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schmitz, TU Hamburg-Harburg; Pastor Adolf Höötmann, Magdeburg; PD Dr. Hans Günter Brauch, Free University.

apr067; Language: German/English; Areas: energy, electricity, renewables, wind, water, solar; Region: global, Africa, Mediterranean, Morocco, Iceland.