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Dirk Amtsberg

Biodiversität und Wälder
Voraussetzungen und Restriktionen
globaler Umweltpolitik

[Biodiversity and Forests
Preconditions and Restrictions of
Global Environment Policy]

AFES-PRESS Report No. 64
1997, 116pp., ISBN 3-926979-66-6
€ 15.00 - $ 20.00- SF 30.00

This report is based on a masters thesis that was submitted in late 1996 at the institute of Political Science of Leipzig University. After a brief introduction in which the questions and the preferred method of structured focused comparison are developed, chapter 2 provides the theoretical framework for an integrative regime analysis. Chapter 3 contrasts the regime development for two cases: biodiversity and forests while chapter 4 assesses the initial neorealist, neoinstitutionalist, and cognitive hypotheses and discusses several contextual factors and chapter 5 offers a summary and conclusions.

apr064; Language: German; Areas: environment, biodiversity, forests; Region: global.