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Hendrik Bullens, Seiitsu Tachibana (Eds.)
with the assistance of Wayne Reynolds

Restructuring Security Concepts,
Posturesand Industrial Base

IPRA Security and Disarmament Commission
Paper 9

AFES-PRESS Report No. 63
1997, 255pp., ISBN 3-926979-68-2
€ 29.00 - $ 38.00 - SF 58.00

This is the ninth of a series of reports of the Security and Disarmament Study Group of the International Peace Research Association (IPRA) that contains 18 papers that were presented at the 16th IPRA Conference in Brisbane (1996). They are arranged in three parts: part I: Nuclear Deterrence - Past and Present, Part II: Arms Industry, Arms Trade and Conversion: Contradictory Trends and Part III: Towards a Comprehensive Paradigm of Security. The volume also contains a consolidated bibliography, brief biographies of the contributors and an index.

Part I contains three chapters by Wayne Reynolds (Australia) on: "The Dilemma of a Small Power: Australia's Bid for Nuclear Weapons, 1945-1968", by Seiitsu Tachibana (Japan): on: "A 'Sisyphus' in Modern Mythology: Nuclear Deterrence in the Post-Cold War Era" and by Dietrich Fischer (USA) on: "Four Myths about Nuclear Weapons".

Part II covers eight chapters by Judit Balázs (Hungary) on: "Restructuring Military Industries in Eastern European Countries: The Case of Hungary", by Katarzyna Zukrowska (Poland) on: "Hectic Messages form the Arms Market and the Polish Experience", by Hendrik Bullens (Netherlands/Germany) on: "Arms Industry and Arms Trade in Crisis? Rhetoric and Reality in Post-Cold-War Germany", by Ian Davis (UK): "European Integration and Defence Conversion: Related or Rival Concepts?", by Milton David Fisher (Australia) on: "The Australian Arms Trade and its Controls", by Pauline Mitchell (Australia) on: "Disarmament, Security and the Peace Dividend at Risk: An Australian Peace Movement's Perspective", by Jörn Brömmelhörster (Germany) on: "The Overall Peace Dividend: Beyond Financial Issues", and by Hans Günter Brauch on: "Military Technology Assessment and Preventive Arms Control: Institutions, procedures and Instruments" that summaries the results of a book published in German and that is presented here with a detailed list of contents in English [Lit book].

Part III includes seven chapters by Dietrich Fischer (USA) on: "Nonoffensive Defence as Component of a Comprehensive Strategy for Peace and Security", by Lev Voronkov (Russia/Austria) on "Changing Geography and Functions", by Kazuo Ota (Japan) on: "Globalisation of the Highly Advanced Production System and the Increased Need for Global Disarmament", by Syed Sikander Mehdi (Pakistan) on: "Rediscovering the Culture of Peace in South Asia", by Gunnar Lassinantti (Sweden) on: "Visions of European Security - Focal Point Sweden and Northern Europe", by Czeslaw Mesjasz (Poland) on: "Negotiation Between the Countries of Central Europe and NATO as a Public Good Game" and by Ramon Lopez-Reyes (USA): "Pan-European Security System Model: A Proposal".

apr063; Language: English; Areas: arms control, arms trade, non-offensive defence, security concepts; Region: Australia, Europe, Northern Europe, Poland.