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Markus Gögele
Sicherheitspolitische Stabilisierung
der baltischen Staaten
Zusammenarbeit mit NATO und Europäische Union

[Security Stabilisation of the Baltic States.
Cooperation with NATO and the European Union]

AFES-PRESS Report No. 61
1997, 81pp., ISBN 3-926979-65-8
€ 15.00 - $ 22.00 - SF 30.00

This report is based on a diploma thesis in political science that was submitted in 1996 at the department of Social Sciences at J.W. Goethe University in Frankfurt on Main. After a brief introduction chapter 2 offers several theoretical considerations on the East-West conflict, on conceptual changes in security policy and on the role and functions of international organisations. In chapter 3 European, American and Russian interests with regard to the security of the Baltic states, the threat perceptions of the three Baltic states and the new foreign and security policy initiatives of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and the emerging political, economic and military conflicts are analysed. Chapter 4 deals with the development of the institutionalised cooperation of the Baltic states with NATO, the North Atlantic Cooperation Council, the partnership for peace, the cooperation with the European Union and the WEU as well as the cooperation in the Baltic Sea and among the Baltic states are discussed. In chapter 5 the hypotheses with regard to the shifting functions of international organisations and the effectiveness of conflict resolution procedures are assessed.

apr061; Language: German; Areas: security, NATO, EU; Region: Baltic states, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.