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Kai Fischer

Britische Europapolitik
Von Margaret Thatcher zu John Major

[British Policy on the European Union
From Margaret Thatcher to John Major]

AFES-PRESS Report No. 59
1996, 99 pp., ISBN 3-926979-63-1
€ 15.00 - $ 22.00 - SF 30.00

This report is based on a diploma thesis that was submitted in summer 1995 at the department of Social Sciences at J.W. Goethe University in Frankfurt on Main. After a brief introduction, it focuses on European integration in conflict with 'parliamentary sovereignty', it deals with the changes in the British position during PM Thatcher, it analyses the shift of the labour party from opposing to supporting integration, it covers the early disputes on Europe within the Conservative party and with British policies toward the European Community during the early period of PM Major. It analyses the so-called 'black Wednesday' and the dispute on the European communities Amendments Bill and the impediments towards Maastricht II and the split on EU issues within the CP and it contrasts the positions of PM major to those of PM Thatcher. It includes a 7 page bibliography.

apr059; Language: German; Areas: European Union, British policy; Region: Europe, United Kingdom.