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Seiitsu Tachibana (Ed.)

Regional Security and Nonproliferation
IPRA Defense and Disarmament Study Group
Paper 7

[Regionale Sicherheit und Nichtweitergabe
von Atomwaffen]

AFES-PRESS Report No. 57
1995, 137pp., ISBN 3-926979-61-5
€ 23.00 - $ 33.00 - SF 45.00

This is the seventh of a series of reports of the Defense and Disarmament Study Group of the International Peace Research Association (IPRA) that contains five papers that were presented at the 15th IPRA Conference in Malta (1994) by Dietrich Fischer (US) on: "Comprehensive Security: A Systems Approach", by Czeslaw Mesjasz (Poland) on: "Security Functions of Western Assistance for Central Eastern Europe (1990-1994)", by Steve Wright: "The Supply of Light Weapons, Repression and Refugees: The Trade in Political Conflicts", by Abdelwahab Biad (Algeria/France) on: "Le Régime international de non-prolifération nucléaire: Etat des lieux vingt cinq ans après l'adoption du TNP", by Surenda K. Gupta (India/USA) on: "Security and Nuclear Non-Proliferation in South Asia", and by Seiitsu Tachibana (Japan) on: "New Wine in New Bottles: A Genuine Nuclear Non-Proliferation in a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World".

apr057; Language: English; Areas: security, non-proliferation, light weapons, refugees; Region: Europe, East Central Europe, South Asia.