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Sjef Orbons

A Classification and Evaluation of Concepts
for the Defense of NATO's Central Sector

Klassifizierung und Bewertung von Konzepten
der Verteidigung in NATO's Kernsektor

AFES-PRESS Report No. 33
1989, 74pp., ISBN 3-926979-25-9
€ 10.00 - $ 14.00 - SF 20.00

This report by the Dutch defence specialist Sjef Orbons is organised in six chapters. In the first chapter he reviews why NATO's defence prior to the turn was questioned and supplies several constructive proposals for new defence options for NATO's Central Sector. Chapter 2 offers a survey of pre-selected designs for defence proposals for Central Europe, chapter 3 presents a classification of the military concepts, while chapter 4 discusses criteria for an adequate defence of Central Europe, chapter 5 evaluates these concepts and chapter 6 provides conclusions on some indicators resulting from the evaluation and selects adequate elements in the proposals as a basis for further investigation.

apr033; Language: English; Areas: conventional defence; Region: Central Europe.