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John Grin

Options for the Communication System of
NATO's Land Forces

Optionen für das Kommunikationssystem
der Landstreitkräfte der NATO

AFES-PRESS Report No. 31
1990, 78pp., ISBN 3-926979-22-4
€ 10.00 - $ 14.00 - SF 20.00

Chapter 1 offers an introduction focusing on technical choices and alternative military postures, while chapter 2 discusses issues of a radio-based arms corps communication system and its implications for military effectiveness and crisis stability. In chapter 3 - in the framework of a non-provocative defence system - the implications for military effectiveness and crisis stability of a dug-in glass-fibre communications network in the posture of the Study Group on Alternative Security Policy are being discussed and finally in chapter 4 several conclusions are offered dealing with technological options, military postures and political implications and the need for better decision-making on military technology.

apr031; Language: English; Areas: NATO, communications system; Region: Europe.