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Hans Günter Brauch (Ed.)

Evaluation of ATBM Defense

[Bewertung von Vorhaben einer
antitaktischen ballistischen Raketenabwehr]

AFES-PRESS Report No. 27
1992, 101 pp., ISBN 3-926979-19-4
€ 15.00 - SF 30.00 - $ 21.00

The research for this report has been conducted under a NATO Research Fellowship awarded in April 1986 that enabled the author to visit several NATO capitals and to hold informal off the record talks with foreign and defence officials. After a brief definition of antiballistic ballistic missiles (ATBMs) and of the concept of strategic stability, the author develops in chapter 3 the historical context for two debates on a European missile defence in 1967-1972 and a second debate since 1983 in the aftermath of President Reagan's SDI project announcement. Chapter 4 analyses the development of the Soviet tactical ballistic missiles systems from 1970-1990, chapter 5 develops a conceptual framework for missile defence in Europe, chapter 6 reviews the political reaction to the proposal for a missile defence in different NATO countries and chapter 7 develops several arms control options for TBMs and ATBMs while chapter 8 offers an evaluation of the different ATBM concepts and Arms control proposals in terms of criteria of strategic stability.

apr027; Language: English; Areas: antitactical ballistic missile defence (ATBM), NATO Region: Germany.