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Hans Günter Brauch (Ed.)

Institutionelle Bausteine einer
gesamteuropäischen Sicherheitsarchitektur

[Institutional Elements for a
Pan-European Security Architecture]

AFES-PRESS Report No. 23 (out of print)
1991, 121pp., ISBN 3-926979-43-7
€ 15.00 - SF 30.00 - $ 21.00

After a brief introduction, the author develops in the second chapter his scientific approach, the relations between goals and means and the basic terms: peace, security and Europe, in the third chapter he analyses the consequences of the end of the cold war for European security policy. This is followed in chapter 4 by a detailed analysis of the functions of the European Community and its adaptation to the contextual change and institutional options, in chapter five on the Western European Union, in chapter 6 on NATO and in chapter 7 on the Conferences for Security and Cooperation in Europe. In chapter 8 the author discusses the relationship of global, between the regional and sub-regional security architectures in Europe.

apr023; Language: German; Areas: European security, security order, UN, CSCE/OSCE, NATO, EU; Region: Europe, Germany.