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Silke B. Szichta

Island im Spannungsfeld zwischen Einbringung
seiner Lage als politisches Faustpfand
und seiner Fischereipolitik

[Iceland: Its Geographic Position
as a Political Bargaining Chip
and Its Fishing Policy]

AFES-PRESS Report No. 18
1 989, 136pp., ISBN 3-926979-34-8
€ 15.00 - $ 21.00 - 30.00 SF

{This report was submitted as a master's thesis at the Institute of Political Science at Stuttgart University in 1987. In part I in the framework of a historical and political- sociological approach, the author reviews the history of Iceland, the economic importance of the fishing zones and the evolution of the dispute with Britain in fishing rights in the extended economic zones. In part II the geographical factors and in part III the spatial factors (Lagefaktoren) are analysed with special reference to its geo-strategic space on NATO's northern flank. Part IV discusses the use of its geo-strategic space as a bargaining chip in the dispute with Britain on the size of its fishing zones. The study includes extensive notes and 16 pages of literature and several tables and figures in the appendix.

apr018; Language: German; Areas: fishing policy, fisheries; Region: Iceland, UK.