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Dagmar Trefz

Deutsch-französische Verteidigungskooperation
Chancen und Handlungsspielräume

[German-French Defence Cooperation
Opportunities and Scope for Action]

AFES-PRESS Report No. 17
1989, ISBN 3-926979-15-1
€ 18.00 - SF 36.00 - $ 25.00

This report was submitted as a master's thesis at the Institute of Political Science at Stuttgart University in 1987. The study is organised in three parts. In part I, the foundations for the foreign policy of France and for the Federal Republic of Germany (integration into Western institutions and détente) and the national dilemmas are developed. Part II reviews the possibilities for a rapprochement between both countries in the strategic realm with a focus on the nuclear strategy of France between autonomy and alliance orientation and for Germany and NATO strategy, the initiatives for a Franco-German cooperation and the divergent and convergent elements in the strategic area. In Part III on German French arms cooperation both French and German interests and the existing bilateral projects are reviewed and critically assessed.

apr017; Language: German; Areas: defence policy; Region: France, Germany.