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Hans Günter Brauch

The New Europe and Non-Offensive Defense Concepts
Implications for Military Force Planning of United Germany

Das Neue Europa und Nicht-OffensiveVerteidigungskonzepte
Implikationen für die militärische Streitkräfteplanung
im vereinigen Deutschland

AFES-PRESS Report No. 15 (out of print)
1991, 106pp., ISBN 3-926979-41-0
€ 15.00 - SF 30.00 - $ 21.00

After a brief introduction, the author reviews in chapter 2 the political change in Europe and the Gulf war as the new context for defence policy in the 1990s, in chapter 3 he discusses the implementation of the political change and NATO planning, in chapter 4 he covers the requirements of the 2+4 and the CFE treaties and their implementation with respect to implementing German unity, in chapter 5 he deals with the constitutional constraints for German forces in international conflicts and in chapter 6 he discusses the relevance of non-offensive or confidence building defence concepts. The appendix includes the English texts of the 'Treaty on the final settlement with respect to Germany' of 12 September 1990, the Charter of Paris for a new Europe of 21 November 1991, the treaty between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics on good neighbourliness, partnership and cooperation of 9 November 1991 and the treaty between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of Poland concerning the confirmation of the frontier existing between them.

apr015; Language: English; Areas: non-offensive defence; Region: Europe, Germany.