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Norbert Hannig

Abschreckung ohne konventionelle Waffen.
Das David-Goliath-Prinzip

Deterrence without Conventional Weapons
The David-Goliath-Principle

Military Policy and Arms Limitation No. 2

(Berlin: Berlin-Verlag Arno Spitz, 1986)
184 pp., ISBN 3-87061-268-1

This book is organised in six chapters. After a brief introduction with an assessment of the German security policy in the early 1980s, Hannig develops in chapter 2 a concept of deterrence with conventional weapons as a realistic alternative of the then valid NATO posture. In chapter 3 he develops the concept of a linear border defence for the protection of the civilian population and in chapter 4 he proposes an adaptation of existing strategies in line with technological progress. In the last two chapters he argues that this concept could be adopted by the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr).

fsu002; Language: German; Areas: deterrence, conventional weapons; Region: Germany