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Marquina, Antonio (Ed.):

Les Élites et le Processus de Changement dans la Méditerranée

Elites and Change in the Mediterranean

(Madrid: UNISCI, 1997)

This book emerged from a conference at Complutense University in Madrid in December 1996. It is organised in two parts. In the first part Khalil Jamai discusses the conflict between the generations in Morocco, José Antonio Sainz de la Peña assesses the change in Algeria while Hakan Yilmaz reviews the redefinition of the ideology of the Turkish regime in the postwar period.

In the second part Larabi Jaidi reviews the perceptions on the impact of the Euro-Mediterranean free trade zone for Morocco while Béchir Chourou discusses the Tunisian, Baher Atlam examines the Egyptian and Azzouz Kerdoun the Algerian case. Abdelkader Sid Ahmed discusses the role of the elites in the technical progress and change in third Mediterranean countries while Hans Günter Brauch developed conceptual ideas for an energy partnership in the Mediterranean in the framework of the medium- and long-term potentials of renewables.

Cst 007; Language: French; Area: security, free trade zone, elites, energy, renewables; Region: Mediterranean, North Africa.