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Demain la Méditerranée.
La parole est aux riverains du Sud

Tomorrow the Mediterranean

(Paris: Publisud, 1995),

The book is the result of a meeting co-organised by FMES (Toulon, France) and IAI (Rome) and is organised in six parts. In part 1 M. Bourenane and Dr. Ibrahim examine the demographic factor and the stabilisation of the population in the Mediterranean. In the second part Mr. Sehimi, al Dessouki and Mr. Kerdoun discuss problems of the control of military activities and of armaments. In the third part Ben Chenane and Père Sanson review the role of cultural and religious factors in the relations within the Mediterranean. In part four Mr. Maalmi and Admiral de Langre assess the role of new factors on security. In part five Mr. Kassem, Mr. Melbouci, Mr. Mesdoua, Mr. Fenech, Mr. Aliboni, Mr. Atlam and Mr. Gürbüz debated different security aspects, while in part six, Mr. Guttmann and Silvestri summarised the results and drew general conclusions.

Cst 002; Language: French; Area: security, demography, arms control, cultural, religious factors; Region: Southern Europe, Mediterranean.